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About me vlajka (english)

Nick (the whole name Nicolae) Lica was  born in 1973 in the a small town Blaj in Romania. There he  spent the first  two decades of his life.  In  1993 he moved to Czech republic because of the job offer. In 1995 he married with Anna and together they were called into pastoral ministry. They have three children.

He was for 11,5 years  pastor in Vikýřovice  Baptist Church from january  1999 to july 2010.

From 1. of august 2010 Nick became the pastor of Baptist church in Karlovy Vary.

His theological education includes: graduation from Olomouc Bible College in 1998. In 2002  he got „Master of Arts“ degree from international teological institute TCM in Austria (Cincinnati Bible  Seminary). In 2009 he got "Master of Divinity“ from  the same Biblical institute.

Nick likes gospel music, sea holiday with my family, sport, books. grafic design, photo and music. He play trompet more then 20 years.

He says about himself: "the biggest joy in my life is that I  know Christ as my Lord and Saviour.  He gives to my life, meaning, purpose and destination that inspires hope for the future. Life with God is really worth live it!"