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Koučování je příležitostí k osobnímu učení, růstu, rozvoji a změně.

pastor Nick Lica

Text: James 3:1-12


When you see the doctor the first he is checking is the tongue. He can diagnose the illness only by looking at the tongue. (Mt 12:34). How we speak reveals a lot about us – the country where  we live, our job our values our purpose of life…What does your tongue tells about you? The Tongue has power to do 3 things:

I. The power to control - v. 3-4

  • Our tongue has the power to control us

Characteristics of good teacher:Good teachers control their tongue and is the one who has living faith

  • Who controls his tongue is a perfect men. Perfect means matureProverbs 15:4
  • control of tongue represents a controlled life.   (Truth - tongue is a manifestation of what's inside)        3:2,  Mat 15:18-19
  • Example of small things that control & have an effect.

1. Bridle - makes a horse obey. 3:3

2. Rudder - overrides power of something else. 3:4

3. Spark  - destroys huge quantities of resources. 3:5

  • Practical advice on controlling tongue.    T.H.I.N.K.

Alan Redpath once formed a "mutual encouragement" fellowship at a time of stress in one of his pastorates.   The members agreed to apply a simple formula before speaking of   any person or subject that was perhaps controversial.

T - Is it true?

H - Is it helpful?

I - Is it inspiring?

N - Is it necessary?

K - Is it kind?

II. The power to destroy – v. 5-8

  • “It corupts the whole person” – such a power has the tongue says James.
  • It is compared with the fire. Fire has  an emense power and can be used for good to hit or missused and than it distroys homes, forests cities.  It is enought just a small match to produce a big fire. This fire that dystroy in our life is sin.
  • James says that the tongue is the very world of iniquity. There are many sins that man co not do simply because has no oportunity. There is no limit of sins that can be comited by tongue like: Malice, greed, anger, lust, hurt, lies wrath, resentment, criticizingjealousy, bitterness--all these vices somehow find their expression through it. Proverbs 16:17, 26:20
  • James is saying that if you want to deal with the tongue you must start with the heart. The Lord has to control the inner man. Only fresh sources can produce fresh water, and that corresponds to the life of Jesus Christ within us.
  • If we want our tongues to be right, then the inner man must be under the control of Jesus Christ. He has to be Lord. Jesus said, "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." Whatever fills our heart inevitably comes out.

III. The power to bless (v.9-12) – ways how for proper use of tongue

Only God can control our tongues so that we can bless, encourage, built and give blessing to others through our words..


It is our choice – to build or to destroy, to hurt or to heal, make peace or war, to kill or to give a life. When the resurrected Lord is in control of our life the result is words that are edifying, encouraging, uplifting.