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Koučování je příležitostí k osobnímu učení, růstu, rozvoji a změně.

pastor Nick Lica

Text: James 2:14-26

Introduction – The main theme of Jacob epistle is the test of faith. Faith is invisible. You can tell me you have faith but I can't see that faith unless you show me that faith. And you can't show me that faith unless you show it to me in a transformed life. It is not enough to say you have faith, that proves nothing. That's merely an affirmation which may or may not be true. Faith in a sense is like the wind, you can't see it, you only see its effects. It's like electricity, you can't see it but you can feel and enjoy and appreciate its effects. It's like radio waves, you can't see them, they're invisible but you can appreciate their effect.

Faith is not known to be real until it is evident in action, deeds, in doing. As chapter 1 verse 22 put it, or in works as we see here in chapter 2.

1. The characteristic of the dead faith (v. 14-20)

  1. The dead faith does not save

-          it is just information

-          is just a general creed

-          Romans 10:10

  1. The dead faith is useless (v. 15-16)
    1. compassion without help is just an illusion
    2. in our world the fantasy becomes more important than the reality

  1. The dead faith has no acts (v. 18-20)

2. The characteristic of the living faith (v. 21-26)

  1. The living faith is visible
    1. example of Abraham (Gen 15:6)
    2. spiritual life without acts is not real

Without good deeds, his faith would have been incomplete.     2:22

b) The living faith is dispayed by acttion:

  • Actions is a vital component of faith.
  • Faith cannot be reduced to key doctrines.
  • Biblical faith is always dynamic. It produces fruit = change.
  • Faith cannot be produced by actions, but is definitely influenced

by them.

c). The living faith saves - example of Rahab considered righteous for what she did.

  • Unlike Abraham in every way:  pagan, woman, prostitute.
  • On faith, she chose to identify with Israel.
  • Instead of being dead, her faith moved her to risk her life to protect the spies.
  • Her immorality is not commended, but her living faith is.
  • We are not what we say but what we do


Let us be Christians who demonstrate their faith by its acts of help to the needy.

This is the living faith which makes us strong in our weaknesses, which makes us happy in unhappiness, which makes us rich in poverty and which makes us lively in the death.