Conspiracy of


by Steve Sjogren

Kindness is the language which the dumb can speak the deaf can understand“. – C.N. Bovee


Free service offers a picture of the grace of God, a priceless gift which can never be repaid.


Servant evagelism = deeds of love + words of love + adeqvate time

  1. Deeds of love. God’s love musst be comunicated from person to person, not just from page to person. If His love could be sent through printed information alone, we could simply flood our cities with gospel tracts and then rest assured that we dene our pasrt. Deeds of love allow us to sneak into the hearts of those we serve. Deeds of love aren’t enough on their own to bring sokmeone to Christ, but they do create phone wires for transmiting the spoken message.

  2. Words of love. Deed’s of kindness get peopple’s attention and often cause them to ask us questions. Instead of heaving a fokrced presentation of the gospel to people who are curious and ask to explain what we’re about after we’ve served them. Them we can present the message which is vital in bringing someone to Christ without taking a sales approuch.

  3. Adeqvate time. If we are allowing the Holy Spirit to do his work in his way and and in his timing, we must not demand instataneous results.

Why does Servant Evangelism works

1. Sharing the good news is not a one-shot deal.

  • Sharing the good news of Jesus with our neighbors is a process rather than a project.


2. Anyone can do simple acts of kindness.

  • For most Christians doing evangelism is a lot going to the dentist: on one really enjoy doing it, but it has to be done every once in while.

  • I’have found that people are more often more confortable doing for others that are simply talking to them.


3. Doing acts of kindness is „high grace“.

  • When we step out to do simple deeds of love, God usually shows up to bless our efforts.


4. Evangelism hits home when it begins with acceptance.

  • It seems people don’t necessarly remember what they are told of God’s love, but they never forget wht they have experienced of God’s love.

  • We can not love people without first accepting them.

  • Jesus both spoke the words and did the words of the Father.

  • If the Jesus would walking the streets of Cicncinati today, Jesus would be showing people the love of God in practical ways. Instead of washing people feet he might be washing cars.


5. An experience of love opens a person’s heart to messsage of love.

  • Story: A goup of Christians traveled in the summer Olympicsin Barcelona hoping to do significant evangelism in the large crowds gathered from around the world. Unfortunately, they received less than an enthusiatic welcome from lovcal officials who informed them that evangelism was specifically not allowed. Instead of reacting negatively to this message, this group of believers went to work meeting whatever practical needs they saw. They began to clean up the steets, empty trash cans, and generally do whatever they could see that needed to be done around the Olimpics grounds. After a few days of wathining these Christians, the officials called the Christians leaders in and admited that they were pretty impressed with the attitude the they had seen displayed. They went on to ask: What sort of evangelism were you going to do, if you are allowed? After the Christans leaders explained tehmselves, they received th OK to pursue whatever outreach they wnted as long as they kept in touch with the civic officials. What a staggering turnaround, and alll because these believers were willing to be good news before they began to speak the good news.